BORNEO coin is your gateway to Borneo island investment. Help us unleash the true potential of Borneo island while maintaining harmony with its rich nature and wildlife.

Our projects are community driven. Your investment and voices will decide how we will shape the future of Borneo island.

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Borneo island (In Malay: Borneo, In Indonesian: Kalimantan) is located South East Asia region and fall into the authority of three countries Malaysian state of Sabah and Sarawak in the north (26% of the island), Brunei (1% of the island) on the northern coast, and Indonesia (73% of the island) in the south. We are focusing on, aiming at, and prioritizing Borneo island and placing its projects within the area under the control of Indonesian government.

There are many reasons to invest in Borneo. The third largest island in the world - after Greenland and New Guinea - is known for its abundant natural resources and tremendous economic potential.

Please download our whitepaper for more details.


With the initial funds we gathered from ICO, we will engage three projects as our first portfolio. They are; Coal Green Mining, Independent Power Plant and Cryptocurrency Mining. All these projects will be taken place in Borneo island. The profit gained from these projects will be returned to Borneo coin holder and some will be reinvested to other projects.

Coal Green Mining

Despite humankind starts to move toward renewable energy, it is hard to deny that right now we are still dependent on fossil energy like coal. Fact is, developing countries in Asia, such as China and India, are using more coal. And Borneo island is rich with coal reserves to meet global demand.

Independent Power Plant

We are hedging our coal-mining operation by building coal-fired power plant to create electricity from our excess production if any. The electricity will be sold to government and also will power our cryptocurrency mining site. Solar power plant also in our plan to take advantage of Borneo island being located on the Equator.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining can be seen as a way to convert electricity to money, while empowering the blockchain community. It is almost an obvious decision to including this project in our portfolio.


We show you below our BORNEO (BMG) coin roadmap below. For detail roadmap including projects' roadmap, please download our whitepaper for more details.

Identifying potential of Borneo island

Q4 2017

Borneo First team and idea formation

Q1 2018

Presale (April), KYC/AML (May), ICO Phase 1 (June)

Q2 2018

ICO Phase 2 (July), Exchange listing (August)

Q3 2018

First Airdrop (October)

Q4 2018

Second Airdrop (January)

Q1 2019

Third Airdrop (April)

Q2 2019

ICO Calendar

We gradually increase the ICO price and referral bonus we give to our supporter.

Please download our whitepaper for more details.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-04-11 2018-05-31 10000000 BORNEO 0.3 USD
2018-06-01 2018-06-30 70000000 BORNEO 0.5 USD
2018-07-01 2018-07-31 55000000 BORNEO 0.8 USD

Our Awesome Team

Our team consists of Borneo natives who understand deeply the true potential of Borneo, experienced entrepreneurs, technologist and highly educated individuals.

team memeber

Agus Arbyana

team memeber

Victoria Novi

team memeber

Arnold Siboro

team memeber

Fidens Simanjuntak

team memeber

Yena Anjuani

team memeber

Muchid Rofi’i

Advisor - Coal Mining Business
team memeber

Ananda Ivannanto

Advisor - Power Plant Business
team memeber

Dr. Darius Dubut

Advisor - CSR and Organizational Development


Our endangered species friends who will get the benefits from CSR projects, are waiting for your kind participation!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our FAQs below. If you cannot find answer here, no worries. Let's connect with our social media account and our team, including our CEO will answer your questions directly.

Soft cap is 5 million USD and hard cap is 67.5 million USD

150 million BORNEO (BMG)

1,000 BMG. We have several ICO phases with different prices.

Currently we only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, we will consider other method when necessary.

You could get both capital gain and income gain from Airdrop program. We are planning to run Airdrop every quarter starting from Q4 2018.

Our coin is backed with real solid business and we diversify the business for risk hedging. The risk is not zero, but small enough in our opinion.

Yes. The potential of Borneo island is so huge. We can also consider its agriculture potential like palm oil for example. We will present our plan and let community decide if we should pursue the project or not, via tokenized voting mechanism.

We are going to collaborate with local NPOs to address the issues they are facing and try to solve it together. We are also envisioning working with local travel company to further promote eco-tourism in Borneo.

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